Family Class Sponsorship

Family Class Sponsorship

Let’s reunite with loved ones and family members. Family re-alliance is one of the pillars of Canada’s immigration system. Adult permanent citizens or citizens can sponsor a relative for immigration to Canada under the family class sponsorship program by Immigration and refugee Protection regulation (IRPR).

Spouse: to whom you married
Common-law partners:
who lived together for at least one year continually.

Conjugal partners: who are not married nor live together but are involved in intimate relationships.

Dependent children: unmarried children under the age of 22, can be biological or even adopted children.

Parents and Grandparents: if your parents or grandparents are in good health.

Living the moments with your loved ones is the most missing thing in the immigrants. To reunite with the family or loved ones, there are many programs available that depend upon several factors. Nationwide Educational Services understands that any omission and mistake can be taken lightly. We provide a dedicated team that puts focused efforts into the details.

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Frequently Asked


Family class sponsorship is designed for your loved ones and your family. This program includes spouse, common-law partner, parents and grandparents, conjugal partners, dependents(biological/adopted children).

A Canadian citizen or permanent resident can sponsor his family if he is above 18 years old. Both Sponsor and being sponsored have to sign a few documents that they understand each other’s responsibilities and obligations. The sponsor will be responsible for their food, clothing, and personal requirements.

The income requirements would depend upon the number of the people sponsor is sponsoring. 3 tax years’ income is required, right before applying.

The processing time is dependent upon the relation. But usually, it takes 12-36 months, many factors are depending upon the processing time. To estimate the approx time you can contact Nationwide Educational Services and submit all details.