Parents and Grandparents program

Parents and Grandparents program

That feeling of warmth and love in parents and grandparents can’t be compared.

Permanent residents and Citizens can bring parents and grandparents to Canada under the Family class sponsor or super visa program. To show your interest to call your parents, and grandparents, you have to fill out the form available on the website of Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Call your pillar of love and support. If you want to sponsor, do check the eligibility requirements:

✔ You must be a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen of Canada.

✔ The age of 18 years or older.

✔You have met all other requirements stated by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

✔ You must have to meet the necessary income level

Note: If you live in Quebec, you have to sign some additional undertakings.

Are you still having queries? Feel free to contact Nationwide Educational Services, you will clear all queries and provide support and guidance at every step.


Frequently Asked


Under the PGP, the sponsor can bring their parents and grandparents. Sponsored parents and Grandparents can avail the benefit of becoming a permanent residents of Canada.

Sponsored must be a permanent resident or citizen of Canada and he must be above 18 years old. Sponsored must have to fill out the document available on the IRCC’s website to show their interest. If you are sponsoring the provincial in Quebec, some additional undertaking will be signed.

Initially, you have to clarify that you have met all the eligibility requirements. Then, completed the form to show your interest available on IRCC’s website. Your application will proceed if it involves all the required information.

Yes, you can bring your parents/grandparents if you’re living in Quebec. Quebec has different immigration processing. We might have to sign some additional undertakings.