Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial Nominee Program

Depending upon your profile, Provincial Nominee Programs may be the most convenient option to get permanent residence in Canada. Nationwide Educational Services will help you in getting selected by the province, which has the power to choose and nominate foreign workers, international students, and entrepreneurs.

Top five Provincial Nominee Programs

Ontario Nominee Program

Alberta Nominee Program

British Columbia Nominee Program

Saskatchewan Nominee Program

Quebec Nominee Program

PNP is for workers who want to live in a specific province and have the skills to contribute to its economy. You can apply for Canada’s permanent residency. Each province has its regulations and targets students, businesspeople, and skilled workers. Apply for the Canada Provincial Nominee Program through the express system or non-express system (paperwork). The basic requirements for the PNP program are that you must have a valid job offer from the specific province you are applying for. Further approval from the provincial government is a must. They will verify if all the documents are valid and the process is under the guidelines of the immigration rules of that province.

Important things to be noted:

* Candidates can study or work in the same province only.

* Candidates are allowed to bring their  dependents with them..


Frequently Asked


This program is for skilled workers who want to live in Canada. PNP stands for Provincial Nominee Program, and it highlights the various immigrant categories based on Canada’s provinces. This program targets students, business people, skilled workers, or semi-skilled workers.

The eligibility criteria are wholly dependent upon the province’s market and economic conditions. Candidates must satisfy the requirements of the specific stream. The main requirements are proof of age, proof of job acceptance, a clear criminal background, and a minimum PNP score.

Each province might have its own privileges and advantages. If we consider the most popular provinces for Indians, those are Ontario and British Columbia. The selection of the province can include many factors. But if we are looking for Quebec, some additional undertakings will be signed.